Genre: Fanfiction, 28 Days Later

Rating: R

Summary: Filling in the blanks between the mansion and the ending


Hannah and Selena wheeled the gurney into the clinic…

“Fucking breathe!!” Selena screamed as she pounded on his chest…

“Hand me the syringe…Quickly Hannah!!”

Hannah did as she was bidden…Selena, working quickly drew the adrenalin with her teeth…She plunged it directly into Jim’s heart and…

He gasped…

“Jim…” She sobbed in utter relief…


He’d gone into cardiac arrest earlier in the night, after the escape from the mansion, but now, thankfully, he was still alive and now complaining..

“Unhh.” He groaned miserably…

“This fucking hurts…” He slurred.

“Stay still.”

“Listen Jim…He didn’t hit any vital organs but I need to get the bullet out, yeah?”

“Well, get it, then…”


Hannah watched impassively as the drugs she had taken earlier, kept her still, unnaturally, calm.
Selena plunged a pair of frightening looking forceps into his wound.

She was quick and precise…Jim screamed. “FUCK!!”

“There…I’ve got it.” He heard the whinny clang of the bullet hitting the bottom of a nearby basin. “But I’ve still got to sew you up.”

“You’re lucky. You were a few millimeters away from losing a kidney.”

After cleaning the wound, she picked up sutures from the laid out supplies and began to sew. “Jim…Jim?”

But it was no use. He had passed out.

“Probably just as well…” She mumbled.

“Do you think this hospital is safe, Selena?” Hannah seemed to finally be coming down.

“Yeah, we didn’t see any infected on the roads. The doors are solid. There’s food in the machines down the hall…”

Hannah picked up a likely looking bonesaw and regarded Selena. “I’m hungry.” Selena started “Stay clo..” “I’ll be careful” Hannah interrupted. “I just want some cookies.”

Selena watched as Hannah went off down the hall…and stopped in front of the machines. She was relieved that she could still see her.

“We’re okay for now.” Selena allowed herself to let out a sigh of relief. She’d thought she’d lost him. The first person she’d allowed herself to care for since, since she had to kill her fa…

“Selena…” She walked around to Jim’s face. “Just when I’d thought…You save me, again. Why am I always the damsel in distress?”

Selena laughed through her tears of relief. “You must rest, now…”

“No, I have to tell you..I…” She pressed her fingers to his lips, cutting him off.

“Shh, get better. We have plenty of time to talk.”

Jim squeezed her tiny brown hand and wondered at how deftly she wielded her machete. As petite as she was, she was still tough as nails…But recently he’d been seeing a softer side. And that kiss. The feel of her taut little body flush against his own, all the sensations heightened by the adrenalin pumping through his body. And that red dress really did (does) look gorgeous on her. He’d have to mention that to her later.

Selena was rummaging through the medical cabinets, searching. “I have to get penicillin, to ward off infection, but you should be ready to move in a day or two.”

Hannah appeared in the doorway, bonesaw in one hand, cookie bag in the other. “Anyone want sugar cookies?”

“Sure.” They both replied syncronisitisly.


The next day, Jim seemed much better. They all stayed in the hospital room, giggling, talking, and eating junk food like some strange after-massacre slumber party.

After a particularly, rousing, bought of laughter Selena offered “I feel rank, I need a bath.”

“So, do I.” Jim said, indicating with a flit of his clear blue eyes, that he’d imagined she wash him. “…And I can’t really move, yet.”

Hannah smiled, her eyes darting back and forth between them. “Well, Selena?”

“You’re such a cunt.” She said but not unkindly. She tossed a couple of bits of the snack food at his face.

“I’ll be back, soon. Gawd, I miss running water.” Selena walked down the hall, machete in hand, clearly on a quest.


Hannah took advantage of this time to interrogate Jim.

“You fancy her.” It wasn’t a question.

“We…Get on well enough, now.” He shook his head.

Hannah smiled…”It’s quite sweet, really. You rescued her. And that kiss was…Well, It did look like you were biting her…It was intense.”

“…Well, I guess you can’t have a dirty weekend together, as I’m here.” Hannah winked.

They both laughed.

“What are you two on about?”

Selena stood in the doorway, a garbage bag filled with bottled water being dragged in one hand a small tin washing tub under her arm, her other hand still holding the machete.

They both looked at her innocently.

Selena ignored this. “Look you two, I’ve found plenty of water and a steel tub so we can get cleaned up.”

“We’ll have enough to last a few weeks on the road if we’re conservative.”

“Um…” Hannah thought quickly. “I’d like some privacy, if you don’t mind.”

“May I use the adjacent room? It locks and I long for a good soak. Just give me an hour.”

“Sure.” Selena handed the unwieldy tub to Hannah. Hannah headed out the door winking at Jim over Selena’s shoulder.

She came back briefly, reaching to grab two gallons of water. Selena stayed her hand. “One each, Hannah.” Hannah took one instead, mumbling “I guess, I can wash my feet…”


“So…” Jim looked at Selena innocently. “Will you wash me?”

“When you’re strong enough, you can wash yourself. You can rinse that gunk off your hands now, though.”

Selena moved the surgery table next to Jim, found a round basin and poured a little water into it. She pumped a few teaspoons of hand-soap into the water and swished it around to lather a bit. Jim, got a nice view of her girlish décolletage. When they heard raspy growling…


Selena picked up one of the automatic guns they’d managed to take from the compound and hurried to the window, her body tensed with adrenalin.

She could barely see two infected men chasing some poor soul across the street. She aimed her gun, but it was too late. The older woman had been attacked. Rather than alert them to their location, she thought it best to keep silent. She knocked on Hannah’s door and advised her, in hushed tones, to do the same.

When she came back into the room she was surprised to have collided into a standing Jim.

“You shouldn’t be standing, uh…”

He was kissing her again.

“We’ve got 45 minutes…”

“Jim…*mmm* We can’t!” Selena whispered fiercely.

And then he fainted again, nearly dragging Selena to the floor.

She had to laugh at the comedy of the situation. One of Jim’s hands gripped the curve of her bum.

She didn’t have the strength to get him back to his gurney, so, she dragged him to a corner in the room and covered him in hospital blankets…

“Perhaps, when you’re better.” Selena whispered to a not entirely passed out, Jim, and kissed his brow.


28 hours later…

They were all as clean as they could get and dressed in some patients’ clothes they’d found in storage.

Jim was feeling much better, though his side was still quite tender.

They were all busily packing supplies.

“We have to go someplace remote, where there won’t be many infected.” Selena said. “I’ve noticed the infected from the other day haven’t been back…Maybe they’ve reached their limit.” Said Hannah.

“Maybe, they’re dead.” Jim said.

“What about Newbury?” Hannah suggested…”We used to go to a cabin there, on holiday. It’s surrounded by mountains. And in the off-season I can’t imagine many, if any people’d be there.”

Hannah continued “It’s not far, it’s well stocked, and it has a continuous water supply. The water comes from a pump.”

“I’m convinced.” Jim said.

“Yeah…” said Selena considering as she double-checked the weapons. “Sounds good.”


Having kissed their old faithful taxi goodbye, they found a nice green unlocked, SUV with all it’s windows intact.

Hannah hot-wired it, while Jim and Selena watched, dumbfounded. “I saw how to do it on the telly.”

Before either could make a move to stop her, Hannah jumped into the driver’s seat.

“I’ll drive extra-carefully, promise.”

Jim and Selena regarded her and each other with a shared mutual suspicion of her “promise”.

As they drove on, they noticed only a few bodies of infected on the sides of the road…And they began to feel optimistic.

The drive was a peaceful, four hours. In the time they were on the road, they’d learned each other’s stories.

They were especially horrified by Selena’s…


28 Days earlier…

Selena rushed to her parents’ home from the clinic. The place had been in complete chaos. One infected had managed to get past the quarantine. And…

“Mum?” “Dad?”

She reflexively grabbed a butcher knife from the adjacent table.

She heard angry rasping. Her mother bound at her from the kitchen. “No…”

Her mother jumped on her. The large butcher knife in Selena’s hand plunged into her heart.

Selena screamed in horror at what she had done. Then she heard a crash through her front door.

She got to her feet quickly and locked herself in the basement. She locked the door and began to look for odds and ends, anything she could use to brace it.


She nailed every board she could find to it.

She heard frantic banging and prayed they wouldn’t get in.

She backed to the farthest basement wall and noticed her (mother’s) blood sticky labcoat…She shed it quickly and slid down the wall, hugging her knees to her chest when she reached the floor.

Suddenly the banging stopped. She heard a man “dad..?” yelling “Leave her alone!!” She could hear him running and she wanted to help, but she couldn’t…couldn’t will her body to move. “Dad?” The horrific sound of flesh ripping apart. “Dad?” a long piercing yelp, cut off.

They’d lost interest in trying to get at her…but… “Dad…”


She didn’t know how long she’d remained in that position, but when she could finally move, every muscle protested. She was hungry. She stabbed open a can of green beans with a pair of pliers and slurped it down.

She turned on the washer, lifted the lid, and dipped out some water with the empty green bean can to drink.

She’d stayed in the basement for who knows how long, eating spam, vienna sausages, and sardines, before she’d managed the courage to unbrace the door. With a heavy pipe in hand, she peered around the corner…

No one was there. Just the rank, mutilated, bodies of her parents.

She’d shuddered at the sight of them, but she was determined that she would not let her father’s sacrifice be in vain. She WOULD fight to live. She went upstairs and quickly packed a backpack. She found and put on her favorite leather coat and then remembered…

The machete her father had purchased from the African market district. He had liked to use it to cut open coconuts, like the old island venders did. He liked to entertain guests…Used to.

She shook off the old painful memories.

She heard a hissing sound. She went around to farthest door down the hallway, knowing what she’d confront when she’d opened the door.

One of her young twin brothers rattled the bars of his crib weakly, his eyes, blood red. The other twin lay dead inside. “No…”

When she was able to make her feet move, she walked slowly to the crib bars, with something indescribable in her eyes. She plunged the machete through and then over.

“Now, you won’t be one of them…Never!” She wiped the machete coldly, on his SpiderMan blanket and set off on her way.

She kept to herself as much as possible. Any infected she’d seen, she managed to avoid or kill. She ran with a few other people, including Mark, she’d managed to meet on the way, but most were unlucky.

She’d witnessed a husband and wife pair, she’d gotten to know, turn. Helen and Ned. Helen hesitated when he turned and he killed her. While they tore at each other, she chopped them both down, lessons learned.

Never hesitate.

Don’t get too close.

She and Mark holed up in a convenience store. He joked around, quite a bit, but he never managed to crack through her armor. She could tell he was attracted to her…Or maybe she was the first attractive girl he’d seen since this ordeal began.

They had sex, the kind that was an attempt to forget something else, angry, rough, fucking. Of course, she didn’t share this part of it with Jim and Hannah, though she suspected Jim already knew.


She rolled her hips fiercely as she rode him. Mark gripped her waist steadying his thrusts. He bit his lower lip. She tossed her head back.

They both grunted and groaned their way along to their climaxes.

Selena rolled off of him, looking as empty as she felt.

Mark rolled toward her, plucking at hair wild hair. He wondered why they never kissed.

“Were you a punk chemist?”

“Mark, always the joker.” she thought.


“You know, if you were to open up a bit, you might actually be able to move on.”

Selena jumped up and smoothed her t-shirt down. She found her panties and put them on.

“Yeah, thanks for the advice, Mark.” She put on her jeans. “I’m going to walk the perimeter.”

“Fuck!” mark whispered under his breath.

Mark was always trying to move beyond the convenient fuck. The only reason she’d stuck with him, was because he was good at what counted, fighting. The fucking was just…a nice bonus. Or maybe that’s just what she told herself.

They’d been alone together about a week and a half, when they ran into Jim.


Hannah waited and waited for her parents to get home…She watched as the news unfolded on the tiny black and white telly, becoming more and more frightened. She could hear people moving out of the surrounding flats as the announcers called for immediate evacuation.

She worried for her parents. They’d been out to the cinema, when the news broke.

Night, then morning came and went.

“Open the door, Hannah!!”

Hannah ran to the door. It took a moment for her to realize it was her father’s voice, coming out of the heavy riot-gear dressed man, at her door. She quickly undid all of the locks.

“Where’s, mum?”

“Sweetheart…Mum’s gone.”

“Noooo.” She shook her head incredulously.

“I’m sorry…I-I tried…”

“No! You’re LYING!!” Hannah broke down into terrible sobs. “Mum!”

“I’ve failed you, Hannah…”


Jim was on his way to his next delivery.

An experienced bike messenger, he pedaled dangerous swaths through the traffic with ease.

He turned his head to give a particularly aggressive driver the finger, when he felt the impact and then all went black.


After many winding roads, they reached the tiny white cottage…

“You, see that lake? Da…Dad used to bring me out here to fish.”

Jim squeezed her shoulders, encouragingly.

Selena walked up behind them.

“It is beautiful and we can see everything. Any infected, who…”

“Selena, look where we are.” said Jim, interrupting her typical caution. “No one’s around for miles.”

Jim looked at her meaningfully, for a moment.

“Umm…The cottage is this way.” Hannah announced, grinning a little.

They entered the cluttered but cozy cottage and looked around. There were shelves of canned food, the promised pump in the kitchen with the sink, and two bedrooms, across from each other.

“You two can have that one.” Hannah said.

“Hannah, if you’d like I can stay with you for the night.” Selena offered, clearly uncomfortable with the notion of anything happening with Jim, within earshot of Hannah.

“No, I’m fine.” Hannah glanced at both of their faces. “I like my privacy and I want to see if my CD player is still here.”


Selena entered the room already changed for bed. Jim was laying on one side (hopefully wearing boxers beneath the sheets, she thought), playfully patting the other side. She was wearing one of Janice’s (she’d learned that was Hannah’s mother’s name) over-sized nightshirts.

She thought “Yeah, this is the least sexy thing I can wear. Right then.”

“If you’re uncomfortable I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“No…I wouldn’t feel right, if you slept on the hard floor, while I had this huge bed for myself. Just…Just be good.”

Selena slid under the covers.

“I will.”

Jim, inched closer…

“Because, Hannah…”

Selena was centimeters away from his face…

“Yeah, I know…I’ll be goo…”

They kissed passionately…Jim struggled with Selena’s awkward night-shirt..


Selena broke the kiss whispering fiercely.
“We have to be quiet!”

“Yeah…” Jim said clearly distracted by what he sought under her night-shirt.

“I mean it…mmm…”

“I thought you said be quiet…”

Jim teased with his husky voice…

“I will, when you staww…”

Selena said.

Jim smiled.


Selena could feel his steady fingers working their magic on her sensitive spot.

“You know, Hannah, won’t bother us…And even if she did hear, I’m sure she’s heard her parents before.” Jim whispered, his full lips brushing her ear.

“Yes…” It was half in affirmative of what he was saying and half encouraging what he was doing. Her legs relaxed apart reflexively.

Jim took the opportunity to take her panties off. Selena looked up to see he wasn’t wearing the boxers she’d hoped (was glad he wasn’t) and saw he was at full attention. She could see that she had been right. He hadn’t an once of fat on him, but his shoulders were broad and his long strong-looking limbs looked like they were made for embracing. His waist was possibly thinner than her own.

He stared down at Selena’s lithe little brown body, exposed by her nightshirt having been pushed up past her breasts. His long lashes brushing the tops of his cheeks. She was athletic, as evidenced by the enviable flat belly he’d exposed, but she was also sinewy, like a dancer. She had two perfect round little b-cup’s capped by nipples that looked too much like chocolate kisses for him not to obligingly suck.

Selena writhed about, her hands unconsciously, gripping the fitted sheets.

“Mmm, tastes like them too…” Jim growled.

“Whuh?” Selena asked breathlessly.

Jim intensified his erotic rubbing while he licked and sucked her nipples in turn. Selena could say no more. This was too heavenly.

He rolled her on her side, continuing to kiss her neck, from behind. He flinched. a bit when his bandaged wound bumped her back, a bit.

His breathing suddenly became very raspy. He was carefully positioning himself between her legs.



“Shhhhh…” He urged.

He kneaded her tiny breasts, while pumping slowly from behind.

“If you…keep doing that…I don’t…think…”

Selena whispered urgently.

The pace quickened.

Jim was enjoying watching her so unguarded, being pleased by him, all toughness melted away.

He loved the way his pelvis fit perfectly under the crux of her round little bum.

Their lovemaking became a series of frenzied breaths and grunts.

Selena came first, a silent (thanks to his deft hand) earth-shattering thing of wonder. Her whole body convulsed with it and amazed, Jim saw, she even squeezed out a few tears.

Jim came soon after that, her slick walls gripping him along it’s height.

“fuck!” Jim rasped as quietly as he could.

They fell asleep in tangle of arms and legs, sex-spent.


The next morning…

Hannah pounded on the door. “When you two are quite through flogging each other’s brains out, there’s breakfast in the kitchen.”

Selena and Jim regarded each other and then laughed.

“Well, Jim?…Are we through?”

Jim kissed Selena’s forehead and inhaled…

“I don’t think so, Love.”


7 responses to “MORE DAYS

  1. I like it. It was very good. Just to be clear Selena little brother was infect or she kill him because he was to far gone to be save. Is this the only post to this story. If you get the chance stop by at sweetest taboo website or interracial multicultural romance reader website. If you can’t find it please let me know your stories are most welcome.

  2. Yes, Selena’s brother was infected. The bloodshot eyes were the clue. He rattled the crib weakly because he hadn’t much to eat…Well, aside from what else was available in the crib.

    By the way, I linked the sites I could find. I can’t find the sweetest taboo, website.

  3. Woah, this is really good. Thank you for writing this, 28 Days Later is seriously one of my favorite movies and I was a bit disappointed they didn’t pursue the Selena/Jim angle a bit more.

  4. Thanks for the story…I didn’t see this movie but from you wrote it sounds like it was really good. Thanks

  5. I saw this movie. And I later purchased the DVD. You did a great job writing about the part the story skipped over. Jim and Selena were good for each other.

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