GENRE: True Blood, Fan-ficlet, Eric/Tara


SUMMARY: Smut with a smidgen of plot.

est. reading time: 15 – 20 minutes



“‘Course you‘kin move in with me Tara!…You shoulda’ asked long ago.” Sookie said.

“…I mean, I know Maryann’s treated you real nice, an’ all…but something about her gives me the willies. You know, I read her mind the other day? …It was all in some another language.”

“Really?” Tara said, frowning.

“Yeah, I agree. Somethin’s strange about her. You know she had a damn orgy at her house the other night?!” She said, her eyes wide.

“Look, I’m no prude, but I’m not about having a buncha’ people rubbing’ up on me. I’m not indiscriminate with that kinda’ shit, okay? That’s how you get diseases you don’t never get rid of or worse…The kind that kill.”

“An’ you know Eggs was just’ fine with it? Even had some naked tittied-girl rubbed up on him. Had the nerve to ask me to join…” Tara scoffed, bitterly.

“Ain’t that much drink an’smoke in the world get me fucked-up enough to be cool with that nasty shit.”

Sookie shook her head. “Well, whenever you can get your stuff ready just bring it on in tha’ house. ..You can take Gran’s room.” She said, her voice softening on the last.

“Thanks Sook’.” Tara smiled and hugged her friend, appreciatively.


A towering figure, as pale as the moon strolled up to the front of Sookie’s home. His expression was that of one who’s been mildly inconvenienced. …Like a customer waiting a tad too long for a representative to return with some fetched item.

He wore comfortable clothing, a navy-blue windbreaker with green racing stripes and a matching pair of pants. His freshly cut, high-lighted blond locks were well-groomed.

On his feet were a pair of green Chucks.

He rapped lightly on the screen-door.

Filmy curtains on a side-window parted briefly. An audible “-shit!-” could be heard from within.

“You are not Sookie…” He said, stepping backwards so the occupant could see him.

“And you ain’t anybody I’m gonna be invitin’ in…” Tara said, brazenly opening the door.

“…Vampire.” She said, this last like a curse.

Eric’s face slowly spread into a heavy-lidded smile.

“My name is Eric. I have business with Sookie.-“

“You and every other male in this town.” Tara scoffed.

“She is supposed to escort me to Dalla-“

“-She ain’ here.” She said crossing her arms over her chest. And I’m busy…” She began to shut the door.

“I would not do that if I were you…”

Tara’s raised both eyebrows… “Well, you ain’t me. If you really need to see her you’ll find some other way to do it, ‘cause she likely ain’t comin’ back tonight.” Tara said with a light chuckle.

“Ah, Bill. Of course. …And you are?” he said, stepping forward into the porch-light.

“-None of your gotdamn business.”

Eric’s face relaxed while his eyes hardened, trying to focus in on her own… “I can stay in your front room, while you finish whatever it is you were doing…”

His eyes flitted over her lightly clad form, red tank-top, cut-off jean-shorts, supple curves and smooth dark skin glistening with perspiration. Very attractive. A pleasant change from the countless pale and sickly thin humans who lined up for him.

“…Don’t try any of that glamoring shit wit’ me.” Tara said looking away.

“-And yeah, I’m busy.” She said, absently scratching a spot within her sloppy ponytail. “..and you interrupted me.”

Eric pursed his lips. There was something vaguely familiar about this girl. She was tougher than most humans, but definitely wasn’t as much as she made out. She had yet to shut the door, after all.

She seemed…almost as jaded by life as he was and a shade lonely. A young human, had no business being that way. Though he’d come across quite a few over the years. At least this one seemed to not be wallowing in it.

He found himself in a rare position, intrigued by yet another human.

“Well, since Sookie likely will not return…Tell me what you were doing.”

“No.” she said, shaking her head, stunned that he would expect her to follow his orders like some damn puppy.

“I’m tired of folk settling for me, because they can’t get ta’Sookie.”

Eric tilted his head to the side… “Someone else is?…”


“I did come here for Sookie, but not for what you think.” he said, a calculating expression coming over his features. “And I find that you interest me more…”

‘ …at the moment.’ They both thought at the same time.

“I have yet to get your name?”

Tara rolled her eyes and finally shut the door at that.

Eric could hear her mumbling in the house. “Fuck me all to hell, I am sick of this bullshit, sick of gotdamn vampires….”

He chuckled slightly. Her complaining reminded him of Pam.

She stomped up the steps and he could hear keenly, the distinct sounds of drawers opening and clothing being placed within.

She was unpacking.

As he turned to leave, it hit him where he knew her. Two places, really. From Merlotte’s and within Lafayette’s mind. His cousin and his closest relative. Tara.

If she were anything close to as succulent as her tricky cousin, he would definitely pay her another visit soon…

He might be able to kill several birds with one stone, Sookie, Bill, and Lafayette. Why not soothe his boredom and enjoy himself in the process?

Sounded like a plan.

He called up to her window just loud enough for her to hear, before he set off.

“Goodnight, Tara.”

From within the house he could hear her cease moving.

“Fuck you, vampire!”

He grinned and strolled away into the night.


Tara finished showering and toweled herself off.

“Shit.” She said as she flopped on the bed.

“I am too tired of all this supernatural bullshit.”

She yawned, halfway to sleep already, but her own words had betrayed her. She was still thinking about that “supernatural bullshit.” Namely, one tall blond vampire who had visited earlier in the night.

Not her usual type, but she could make an exception for him…If he were human. It’s all fine and good for Sookie, and Bill is all right but, Gran’ was dead and Sookie’d almost joined her on a’count of involving herself with fucking vampires.

Damn, he was fine.

-But she’d had her fill of men who weren’t all about her. Sam had used her as a poor replacement for Sookie. Eggs seemed focused on her at first, but then all that shit about his past came out, and then came the topless masseuse.

Now, this Eric…

Clearly he needed something from Sookie, but maybe it wasn’t what she’d initially thought. Maybe it was just the mind-reading thing.

Right, and her name is Mother Teresa.

…But the way he looked at her. Hooking up with a vamp had brought a shitload of trouble for Sookie, but they were at least still together. It was clear, they loved each other. And dammit, she deserved love too.

Tara allowed a herself a moment of self-pity, before purposely distracting herself.

She closed her eyes and saw those piercing blue-grey eyes wander over frame. She feel asleep imagining she had allowed him to step across the threshold after all…


“Well I’ll be…” Tara wiped the bar down and watched as Hoyt cuddled with an adorable little redhead in one of the booths.

“Ain’t that sweet. Shit, even Hoyt’s getting some love, now.”

Arlene stepped up behind her and followed her frame of vision. “Oh, well they’re just adorable!”

“Yeah.” Tara turned away, looking sour.

A large sweaty customer was leering at her. “This is a bar, not a staring station.” She said, leaning in… “Well? Cat got your tongue? What’ll it be?”

“-Tru Blood.” A low sensuous voice further on down the bar replied.

Tara straightened. Eric merely tilted his head, an amused smirk playing on his lips.

The man in front of her swiftly got up and and moved away.

“Sookie, ain’t here tonight, neither.” She said.

“I’m not here for Sookie.”

Tara chuffed. “Uh-huh.” She turned to the mini-fridge and glanced back at Eric.

“AB Negative.” She took the bottle out cracked the cap and shoved it into the microwave, setting it for twenty-five seconds.

“When you’re done with your drink, I’d like you to be on your way.”

Eric leaned forward and narrowed his eyes. “…No you don’t.”

“Look, asshole. I know what the hell, I want!”

“-As do I.” He allowed a pale hand to fall gently atop Tara’s. Lifting it gently, he kissed the back of it.

“I think.-“ He said, his eyes piercing her in a way that made her feel naked. “We both want the same thing.”

Tara yanked her hand back. “Fuck you!”

“-Yes. That.” He said quietly, his face splitting into an even grin.

Tara was rarely without words, but at this, she was shocked into silence. Blinking rapidly, she took his bottle out of the microwave and placed it on the bar, purposely quite a distance away, so he couldn’t touch her again.

“Drink it and git’ gone.”

With that she turned and walked away, towards the other customers on the other end of the bar.

She ignored him for the rest of her shift, but felt his eyes on her, as heavy as his touch. He sipped slowly as he watched, licking his lips as if imagining her taste.

…So, she taunted him.

-Purposely shifting her body, so her cleavage hung over the bar and her ass, which she was very proud of, curved tantalizingly in her ever-present cut-offs.

She walked with an extra-swish in her step as if it say, this is what you ain’t ever getting.

Oh, how wrong she was.


Close to closing she noted that her stalker vampire had left the premises. Had decided to go after Sookie after-all, she was sure.

She called back to Terry. “Night!” and grabbed her keys, walking out to her car.

She had just stuck her key into the door, when she felt an odd shiver run through her body. She paused a milisecond before quickening her movements, hurrying into her car.

“Shit!” She said, as her shaking hand just would not allow her to put her key into the ignition.

She stilled for a second, took a breath and then tried again..

The knock on her windshield made her nearly jump out of her skin.

“Sorry, Tara… I just thought, -you might want a burger.” Terry said, holding out a doggy-bag.

“Last order of the night was wrong and I hate wasting food.” He said.

Tara rolled down the window, feeling foolish. “Thanks, Terry.”

“I’m just feelin’a little jumpy, is all.”

“Understandable. Smart, really. Should always have your wits about ‘cha.” He said, glancing around suspiciously himself. “Escpecially with what’s been happenin’ lately. Listen. You want me an’ Arlene to follow ya’?”

“Naw, Terry. I’m fine, really.” Tara said waving him off with a grin and really feeling stupid, now.

Terry frowned for a moment. “–Well, okay then. I’ll see ya’ on Wednesday.”

“Bye.” She rolled up the window and pulled off into the night.


Reaching Sookie’s home, she relaxed. Sookie was supposed to be home tonight, after-all.

She pulled up the dirt pathway and got out, doggy bag in one hand, keys in the other.

Once she’d reached the porch, she looked down at her hands to make sure she had the proper key. When she glanced back up at the door, she saw Eric was perched against it.

“Shit!” She hopped back, startled and clutched at her chest.

“She’s not here.” He lazily drawled, not even looking at Tara. He was examining his manicure.

“-Aww, hell no! Git off this porch!” She said. “Git away from me!” She said, holding out her keys like a weapon.

Eric chuckled. “What do you plan on doing with those?”

“With these?” She said, holding them up. “Nothing.”

“But with this?…” She held up a distinctive charm, a Fellowship of the Sun keychain charm Jason had sent her. It was made of silver.

“I’ll shove it down your fuck’n throat.”

“Really.” He said. And quick as a blur was right in front of her.

“Then go on. Do it.” He challenged.

“Don’t make me.-“ He took another step.

My God, he was beautiful up close.

Her shaky hand hovered there in mid-air, inches from his face for several moments before Eric, lightening quick caught her wrist.

His voice was silk. He sighed, shaking his head and whispered something in Swedish.

He pulled her flushed against his chest and kissed her. His tongue swept into her mouth thoroughly probing, tasting her.

Tara remained frozen. Sucking her lower lip gently between his own, he broke the kiss.

“You’re just using me to get to Sookie.” She said, quietly.

“I have what I want from Sookie…her special talent. Bill has Sookie. I want you, tonight.”

“Want to suck my blood…” She spat.

“Yes.” He sighed, allowing his eyes to drift. “…And other things.”

She could feel his manhood, cold and hard against her belly.


With great difficulty she maintained her composure.

“…Then you’ll kill me.”

“If I’d wanted to do that, you’d be dead. Do not play guessing games. You know what I want, Tara….” He said, leaning close enough that she could feel his breath against her lips.

“It is cruel to tease…” He said, dipping his mouth to her neck to plant gentle kisses along it’s smooth planes.

Tara swallowed. “Shit…I’m goin’ to hell.”

She leaned back. “Look. I ain’t got no illusions about this. I know part of this is about Sookie, as usual.” He started.

“AAHH!” She said, holding a hand up. “I’m doing it! -Shit. I need it. Just no more bullshit, okay?” Tara said, her eyes level.

“Fair enough.”

Tara’s eyelids were heavy with obvious skepticism.


“Now, I’ve got to open up the door….But I’m de-inviting your ass after this.”

“As you wish.” He said, smiling.

“-I must be really stupid in the head and desperate for this shit.” She mumbled.


As soon as they crossed the thresh-hold he was upon her. His arm encircled her waist from behind drawing her against his straining erection. His huge hands glided down to skillfully unbutton her shorts, just enough so he could slip his hand between her legs, gliding his fingers back and forth over her wetness, rubbing circles over her swollen clit.


“It can not have been that long…” He stated as fact.

“Long enough.” she replied.

It had been about two months since she’d last slept with Sam… Who hadn’t even bothered to show up at Merlotte’s tonight.

“Ooohhh.” She cooed as he slipped two fingers inside of her, his thumb continuing to work her clit.

He used his free hand to steer her hips towards the couch. Once they’d reached it, he removed his hand from her shorts, illiciting a disappointed whine.

“Sit down.”

Tara did as she was told. And Eric knelt in front of her. Before she could even think to begin to remove her clothes, Eric had a hold of her shorts and panties. He eased them down past her thighs, knees, and ankles…Tossing them across the floor.

That done, he grabbed her hips and easily yanked her body to the couch’s edge, as if she weighed nothing. Which to him, of course she did. He cupped her thighs and tipped her pelvis upwards so she was completely exposed to him.

He smiled and said something in Swedish.

“Okay, I don’t speak vampire. So, you need to speak English.” Tara said.

“Swedish,” Eric chuckled. “I said…You have a beautiful pussy, I can’t wait to taste.” She had no reply for that.

Maintaining eye-contact, he leaned in a gave it a long slow lick.

Tara’s eyes widened at the length of his tongue. “Oh, shit.”

She gasped, her head falling back.

He cupped her ass and tipped her up, again so he had better access. He ate her messily and without shame…sucking nosily on her clit. His tongue alternately lapping and wriggling deeply within her pussy.

“Uh. Ooooh….Shiiiiit.” Tara was completely overwhelmed.

Tara’s eyes rolled back, while her body involuntarily strained against his mouth, shaking with an effort to at once, stave off and feel (too much) sensation. She was drowning in it.

She could hardly catch her breath.

He spread her wider and began to finger-fuck her, while he sucked her clit. She bucked against him and began to rhythmically roll her hips against his eager mouth.

“Oh shit! -SHIT! That feels so damn good!” She frowned down at him, and he smirked smugly back.

He increased his pace…and slipped a finger into her anus.

A high-pitched “-fuck!” was ripped from her throat, and Eric actually laughed against her.

She began to come… HARD. Her body humming from head to toe, vibrating of it’s own volition.

Eric only pumped her faster, keeping her at her crest.

She gasped, choking briskly on an intake of air and then screamed.

It was too much. She tried to ease back, but he held her firm, forcing her to ride out the most intense orgasm she’d ever had.

A little while later, after she came back to herself, she opened her eyes enough to realize her vampire (fuck buddy?) friend was standing over her…completely naked.

And he was perfect. Like a marble statue, but with much greater endowments. Tall and lean and without an once of fat.

Tara sat up and took him into her mouth. Her gag reflex long gone, she slid her mouth over his dick, until she’d completely engulfed him.

-An impressive task considering his length and girth. He swore in Swedish and it was her turn to gloat.

She looked up at him while she worked him, the tip of her tongue swirling up and down his length, focusing on his frenulum, sucking him in and out like a vacuum.

He tilted his head to the side, his eyes dark with lust, his fangs peeking from beneath his parted lips.

He reached down to cup her cheek and gently moved a few micro-braids from her face, behind her shoulder.

Their eyes locked. She held him captive as much as any vampire glamor could and he moaned. She could seeing the straining muscles in his hips and stomach holding back, from coming.

Finally, he cupped her face and drew her back, helping her to her feet.

Without warning he ripped open the front of her thin purple t-shirt, and her bra right along with it.

Distantly, she cursed the loss of one of her favorite shirts…

He pushed her onto her back on the couch. He placed one knee on the couch while his other leg extended to the floor. Grabbing her hips, he lifted her lower body up off the couch. Then he thrust into her…. Hard.

His pace picked up immediately, quickening almost too fast. Loud, wet, slapping sounds filled the air as their bodies met over and over.

Tara gasped and yelped, while Eric moaned and occasionally growled.

Again, Tara’s face contorted into a mask of pleasure as she watched Eric fuck her… His teeth completely bared now, he met her eyes, daring her not to come.

She took up his challenge, trying to hold back as long as she could… All the while, squeezing her tight walls around him, daring him to do the same.

She could see it was working. His eyebrows knitted together and his eyes fell shut, with a deep rumbling groan.

“That’s right…You love this puss-.” she gloated. The last word was lost in her throat as he ground against her, balls deep. All she could do was whimper.

He leaned forward so his fangs grazed her earlobe, while he let a hand drift across her belly, and up to caress a breast.

-And pumped her again.

“This pussy-” he whispered, eloquent as ever.

He flexed again…causing her to groan. “Tara?”

“-yours!” She could only just barely gasp.

He grunted, as he pumped again, and again, harder, faster, deeper…until it hurt…but still felt, so good. His movements were so fast, they blurred in her vision.

“Yes! YES! Eric it’s yours!! FUUUUCK!!!” She screamed as she tumbled over the edge again, swearing and sweating profusely.

Distantly, she felt him lick and then bite her neck as he followed her over. She felt his cold seed filling her…while he mumbled Swedish obscenities against her skin.


It was a long time before Tara came to. Eric had taken quite a bit of blood. And when she did, she was surprised to find herself within his cold embrace. He was absently twirling her braids in his fingers.

“Finally awake, are we?” he said, receiving a raised eyebrow from her.

He smiled. “-Good. I took much more of your blood than I had intended.”

He stopped just short of saying, he stayed to make certain she had not suffered any ill-effects.

“I would offer you my own, but…”

“Yeah, you guessed right.” Tara said, attitude back in place despite the exhaustion, vigorous sex and blood-loss had left behind.

“That was. -Much more enjoyable than I’d expected.” He continued. “The exceptional, are often underestimated.” He continued thoughtfully. “Thank you, Tara.”

He shifted from beneath her and was straightening himself. He was already dressed. He must have done it while she slept.

“Wait.” Tara said, her large brown eyes, wide. “Where are you…?”

But then she noted the night-sky. Just the barest hint of blue was creeping in, signaling the impending dawn.

“Oh. Of course. I guess you gotta’ be on your way, huh.”

Eric merely nodded.

“Well, it was fun. I wish you luck getting Sookie in a similar position.” Tara said, stretching.

Eric blinked at her, staring at her just longer than was comfortable. It was clear he was not thinking about Sookie at the moment.

“…I got what I wanted.”

He reached down and caressed her cheek, once more and then did something she would never have expected. He leaned in and lay a chaste kiss in her hair.

“But, I could do with more.” he said, letting his hand drift down her shoulders, savoring the texture of her silken skin.

He got up abruptly and strode to the door. He turned briefly, with his eyebrows raised expectantly.


Tara frowned at him for a few seconds before remembering.

“Oh! Yeah… You’re de-invited.” It had been easy for her. It wasn’t technically her house after-all.

She just hoped Sookie would stay away long enough for her to clean up the evidence.

Eric stepped backwards through the thresh-hold and sighed.

“Later, Tara.”

It sounded suspiciously like a promise.


25 responses to “BLOOD + SEX

  1. Love true-blood! Can’t wait for the new episode sunday night. This is a wonderful ficlet. Thanks for posting. I hope you do a follow-up.

  2. Outstanding! absolutely more Eric and Tara. I’d like to see her vulnerable side as well with Eric. Hot and paasionate sex.

  3. I love this story . I swoon over Eric . OMG then add Tara and maybe some Sam to the mix. I hope ypu update this story soon. Love it.

  4. On livejournal keepnit100 has an eric/tara fic that was inspired by her reading this story. Can we please have a) more eric/tara fics and b) an eric and tara community! If anyone knows.of any more eric/tara (Taric?) Fanfics, drop an email. [I edited out your email to protect your mailbox from spammers!]

  5. Why is this the only Eric/Tara fic you’ve done? There are so little Tara fics and they are all over the place. Quite lucky to chance upon this story/site which is *fans myself*. The only thing left to say is…more.

    • I like them, but also I like Tara to have choices.

      Eric doesn’t seem like a settle down kind of guy. Though, I could definite see another sex romp in the future featuring those two.

      Sam and Tara don’t do it for me, though.

    • Exactly. Sam and Tara seem to come together because no one else wants them as damaged goods. I’d rather have someone sane actually pursue Tara.

      In my fantasy, next season she comes back rejuvenated with her life together and a man who pursued her, in tow.

    • Initially, I thought so too, but they have at least made an effort to show where her attitude comes from. Really, with a life like that, I can understand why she’s mad.

      I get the feeling that she’s frustrated with her loved ones doing dumb things. Like Jason’s priapism, Sookie’s addiction to Bill, her mother’s alcoholism, the fake witch, and sleeping with the reverend. It goes on and on. I’m glad she left at the end of this season. We can see what she can do away from all that.

      I don’t think she’s at all manly. I think people see muscles on a woman and immediately associate that with masculine qualities.

      She has a very high-pitched ultra-feminine voice. …Annoying though! 🙂

    • Thanks for the kick, but between work and writer’s block it’s been rough going lately.

      I do think I’m done with Eric, at least for awhile. I’d really like to do an Alcide fic next.

  6. This was wonderful and so Haaaawt…Love Eric and just started getting interested in the pairing of “Taric” after reading a fic on Fanfiction…At first was ewwww cause I’m a Eric/Sookie fan,but now…Hmmmm,lol

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