GENRE: True Blood, Fan-ficlet, Jason/Tara


SUMMARY: Smut with a smidgen of plot.

est. reading time: 15 – 20 minutes

I started writing this immediately after Jason shot Franklin.  So, you have to pretend the events in the following episodes didn’t go exactly like the show says.

Tara slowly stood up.

After the loud blast and all that blood, strangely there was nothing. No sense of relief or even vengeance. Just the mess that was Franklin Mott and Jason Stackhouse.

Ever since Eggs was killed Tara hadn’t been feeling much beyond the haze of anger, the blatant sense that life really was just fucking unfair and the steady drive to simply end it all.

Franklin was to be that end, but when he offered to grant her wish, she realized she truly didn’t want it.

Jason lowered the shotgun, the end of which was still smoking.

He stepped over the mess cursing and reached a tentative hand out to Tara.
“You alright, Tara?”

“No.” She said. “Why do people ask that inane fucking question after some obviously fucked-up shit, that no one would be alright with happens?”

“Well…” Jason said, actually considering the question. “Maybe they ask ’cause they know ain’ no way you are…and they hope maybe, jus’ maybe one day you’ll be honest enough to give a real answer.”

Tara laughed darkly, her whole body trembling.

“Fuck, Jason. First you have sense enough to load that thing with wooden bullets and then you say some shit like that?”

“Come ‘ere, girl.” He gathered her close with his free arm and hugged her.

They sat like that silently for a while before Tara finally spoke up.

“You gonna go after her?”

“-Who? -Oh yea, Crystal.” He said, rolling his eyes to the heavens as if the angels were responsible for him forgetting.

“She’s… I mean don’t get me wrong, I like her an’ ‘all” he said, dreamy smile appearing on his lips for a moment, “-but she’s in some serious shit. Her people, -well ain’t none of us round here anything but some hicks, but her family?! They’re real strange.”

“…And I mean waaay beyond the typical fuck-up-ed-ness the drunks and dealers round here gets into. -Freaky shit.” he said, pointedly.

“I seen one of her cousins. -I think he was eating a possum nekked in her family shed!”

Tara turned her face to look up at him wide-eyed and disbelieving, while he nodded his confirmation.

“-God honest truth, Tara.”

“Well, Jason ain’ no sense in you gettin’ involved in that shit after all the weirdness this summer. Goddamn vampires brought this down on us. Everything was fine until they showed up.”

Jason nodded.

“Hey, hey, you need a ride home? An escort or somethin’?”

“Naw. I just-” Tara poked at her bloody tank-top… “I just need to get cleaned up.”

“Well, hey. Won’t nobody blame ya’ if you’re shook, Tara. Why don’t you come stay with me tonight?”

Tara regarded him with a wide-eyed look of suspicion.

“Come on, now. We grew up together. I wouldn’t do anything. You’re like family, Tara.”

“Yeah. “ She replied, looking slightly more deflated. “I know.”


Tara entered the apartment and stared around at the wooden paneling on the walls, while Jason scrambled past picking up stray debris…

“Shit, Tara… I’m not sure I got anything clean you can wear, here. I mean I was going to do laundry tonight, so…”

Tara sighed and took off her top, revealing a hot pink lacy bra.

“Here.” she said, handing it to him.

“It ain’t like you ain’t seen plenty of titties before.”

She chuckled.

Jason’s eyes widened nonetheless. “Uh, yeah… I’ll throw mine in too.”

And he too took off his top, revealing the sculpted chest Tara had spent many a night dreaming about.

Jason scooped up some other scattered dirty clothes along with the things already in his hands and headed to the back.

“Uh, there’s some hot pockets in the freezer. If you want something to eat. ” he said.

“We had some homemade biscuits earlier, but they’re gone now.”

She grabbed one while Jason was gone and popped it into the microwave. While she waited she heard the characteristic click of the machine turning on.

After her food was done she retrieved her hot pocket, blew on it a few times, wrapped it in a paper-towel and sat on his couch, while briefly contemplating all the naked asses that had likely pressed against the surface…and from what she’d heard, every one of them had very much enjoyed it.

…She was thankful she’d decided to keep her shorts on.


Tara allowed herself a moment to contemplate the fact that Franklin was indeed finally gone, thanks to Jason and an overwhelming sense of gratitude swept over her.

Jason scampered back into the room and turned on the television.

A newsman was talking about a crazed vampire who had killed a reporter during a live broadcast.

“Thank you, Jason… for saving my life.”

“Oh, it was nothing really…long as you’re alright.”

Tara’s face tightened some.

“…getting there. He- did things.”

Jason said nothing, he just wrapped his arms around her and held her, his own thoughts swirling with guilt. Tara’d been through so much. He’d seen it. Her crazy bitch of a mother, this vampire doing god-knows-what, and Eggs…

He’d killed Eggs, the one bright spot of happiness in her life, and he’d effectively snuffed it out.

After some time, he realized his chest was getting a little wet.


“I’m fine.” She said and brusquely wiped her face, as if offended that she’d been caught feeling sad.

“You ain’t made of steal. You need to stop pretending you are.”

On the news, a Fellowship spokesman began to speak.

“Hey!” Jason exclaimed. “I know that guy!”

“…From when you was with the Fellowship?” She said.

“Yeah, I fuc- um -also knew his wife.”

Tara just blinked at him and laughed. Jason could get any pussy he wanted, but he always managed to stick his dick in places he shouldn’t. Still he somehow managed to be a good guy at heart… Like a big golden retriever. Lovable and loyal.

“It’s okay, Jason. It’s what you do.”

“Shit, I know. But I don’t want it to be all I do, you know? …I wanna be more than just the stupid pretty boy.”

“Jason, you ain’t stupid. You just don’t like using your brain. There’s a difference. You’d rather follow your feelings, is all.”

“…Exactly, Tara! You get me!” He said, grinning big and bouncing a little on the couch.

“An’ you know how I’m feelin’ now?”

Tara simply raised her eyebrows.

“I’m happy you’re here and…” He frowned a little “I don’t want you to hate me.”

“What? I could never…”

“Tara… I did something real’ bad.”

Tara tensed up sensing another incoming deluge.

“I killed Eggs. -It was an accident. He was attacking Andy with a knife and I shot him. You’ve gotta believe I wouldntna’ never ever done it if Andy’s life weren’t danger. God, I am so sorry, please forgive me.”

It all came out in a broken rush. Jason looked as stricken as Tara was feeling.

-good-” she thought savagely.

She looked down at her hands and considered. Sookie had helped Eggs remember what no man should and his brain had snapped. He’d simply done what Jason would do when he sees someone attacking someone he cared for to kill, -like what he’d done for her tonight.

He killed that man before he got a chance to kill someone he cared for.

After a long pregnant pause, she quietly said…

“-it wudn’t your fault.”


Tara awoke to the sound of the TV still on and the feel of Jason curled around her body, his hard cock pressed firmly against her butt.

He was mumbling in his sleep and then his hands crept down to the crouch of her jeans, kneading at the tender flesh between her legs.

“Jason. -Jason, wake-up.”

“-mmm– Tara.“



He jerked awake, nearly knocking them both from the couch.

“Oh!” he said, glancing down at the tent in his shorts.

“Oh, Tara, I’m so sorry, it’s just well, you being that close and it being the morning, -my dick needs an off-button.”

“Yeah.” she said, trying to sound damning, but not quite managing it at the sight of that massive tent and Jason’s adorable awkward.

“Jason is almost the complete opposite of-….the dead vampire.” She thought.

Big-hearted, sweet, and selfless where Franklin was selfish, abusive, and obsessive.

She wanted to erase him from memory.

Prove to herself that she could still have sex and feel something other than revulsion.

She reached up and pulled him down, coaxing Jason’s mouth open against her own.

Of course, he let her… For a little while.

“Wo, -wo, hold on, Tara…” He said, gently backing from her. “Don’t you need some time?”

“I ain’t sure I wanna be doing this…” He said, scratching the top of his head.

Tara visibly sighed and stood up to go who knows where in her bra. Jason likely didn’t even put their clothes in the dryer.

“No, I mean… you’re plenty hot an’ sexy as hell, and I love you like blood,’ but I don’t if I want to mess up what we got, by doing this, ya’ know?”

“Jason. You know how long I’ve been wanting to fuck you?”

“Since you was twelve?”

Tara blinked at him.

“…Sook let slip you wanted to lose your virginity to me when you turned sixteen.”

Tara had yet another reason to hate her best friend.

“And it mighta’ been on my mind to do it, too, but you got caught up with your mom, I got lots of pussy and I sorta’…didn’t want to contaminate you with all that.”

“…and whatever you’d caught in that time.”

“Yeah, crabs twice plus the clap.”

“And now?”

“Now? Well. If you still want to do this, I am clean and I got rubbers…but Tara? Just so you know, you’re the only person I’d do this for.”

“Oh please, Jason you fuck anything that’s female.” Tara said chuckling.

“…No, I mean. Knowingly let a woman use me this way.”

Tara looked floored, but before she could respond, he said… “Okay come to the bedroom, but I ain’t gonna fuck ya’. I’m gonna make love to you.”

She almost laughed until she caught his earnest expression.


Jason stripped off his shorts revealing a body that had become legendary in Bon Temps. He was just too perfect to be real. Just lean sculpted muscle, every inch of him. His manhood lived up to every slip of gossip she’d heard and thensome.

“Lay back, Tara.”

She did as she was told and he lay between her legs, slowly peeling off her shorts and panties.

He just lay right there, gently petting her sex…

“You’ll let me know if I’m hurting you…”

She nodded, her heart thrumming so hard in her chest she thought it might explode.

Jason licked his lips. “Truth is Tara, I’ve been wanting to do this as long as you have… I just didn’t think I was good enough for ya’”

“You always holding up for everyone around you, Sook’, your mom. You deserve someone who’ll hold you up. Shit, you even made sure I kept my dick…”

Tara chuckled at that.

“Ain’t no man in this world could thank you enough for that.”

“Now, I’m gonna take care of this pussy.” he said, and leaned in, his tongue gliding across her slit.

She inhaled deeply and spread her legs wider.

“Yeah, that’s it… spread for me girl.”

She wasn’t surprised at his skill, she was surprised by his technique. He was patient and deliberate, gently drawing out her pleasure several times before allowing her to crash long and hard, writhing against his insistent tongue.

He stayed down there so long, she’d thought he might get bored, but it was obvious he relished it. His whole body writhing against the bed while he ate her. Pleasing a woman fed his ego more than fucking her for his own gratification could ever do.

After she’d come he sat up a bit and pushed two fingers deep inside her. Watching her face he curled them against her g-spot, while she began to pulse and clench anew.

“That’s it, Tara. Come for me, again.”

He gently pinched her clit and her whole body shuddered. She chanted his name through clenched teeth and did as he exactly as he said.


After, she closed her eyes and tried to come back to consciousness, back from what surely was a dream. She heard the foil wrapper tear from the condom package.

When she opened them again, Jason was propped up on his elbows above her, looking at her face.

“You are unbelievably beautiful Tara, especially like this.”

“Relaxed. -Satisfied. -and Nekked.” He said, not quite being able to resist giving her a little leer.

“You’re always so tense and unhappy. I’m glad I could stop that, at least for a little while.”

“I’m wanna make you come again.”

“Oh, no Jason, honey… I can’t, I’m little sensitive.” She said beginning to push him away.

“Tara. Trust me.”

And he began to kiss her, kiss her in a way that made her believe he might just be trying to make her come just from this.

The next thing she knew, he’d slid a pillow beneath her hips and was pumping his fingers inside her again…and yes, that delicious thrumming was building again.

He knew just where to touch her.

He pulled out, just after her pussy started making noisily wet sounds around his fingers, and he licked them.

“Tara, you’re fucking sweet, girl.”

“Don’t move…”

He held a leg up over the bend in his elbow and slowly, so slowly, pushed inside until he was fully sheathed.

She’d never felt so full in her entire life.

“Goddamn Tara, if I’d known it would be like this, I’da done this long ago.”

And then he started to move, his hips undulating as smoothly as a snake.

“Fuck! -You feel so fuckin’ good, Tara.”

Tara reached up a hand, letting it slide down his sweat-slicked chest.

God! Jason!”

He’d changed the angle of his stroke and hit her just right… –there.

Her toes curled.


He leaned forward and nipped lightly at her nipples, still covered as they were by her hot pink demi-bra.

He reached down one hand and easily unsnapped the front-closure, freeing her breasts to his sight.

“Jesus, Tara. You’re fucking perfect, you know that?”

And she was, perfectly smooth skin, toned and curvy, all enhanced by the steady sheen of her dark skin.

“Oh, shit! Tara…” Suddenly his hips stuttered and he was coming and she no longer had to imagine what that looked like.

The picture was clear now.

Strangely, almost exactly the same as how he looked when he was about to sneeze.

She had been so close. At least she knew she could do it without getting sick.

His whole body locked and he collapsed on top of her, muttering –shit,-shit,-shit-.

After about a minute he rolled off of her and disposed of the condom.

…But he came back and pulled her against his body, spooning her, strangely quiet.

He kissed her once behind her ear, twining a few micro-braids between his fingers briefly and drifted off to sleep.


By the time he’d woken up, she was gone.

He didn’t blame her, but that didn’t stop the horrible twist in his gut.

…Nor his wishing she’d had a reason to stay.


One response to “AFTER MERLOTTE’S

  1. DAMN! That was really good! I have never watched Tru-Blood so I’m not familiar with these characters, don’t know their background; nevertheless, this little story was was GOOD, I enjoyed it, especially the love making, and Tara’s descriptions of Jason were funny, sexy and cute! I also laughed when they discussed that she’s wanted to fuck him since she was twelve and he knows it, that was cute.

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